The StagePro company represents the products of the Layher company from Germany on the Russian market. More than 70 years the Layher company is a manufacturer of reliable, tried and tested by practice scaffolding systems. The company is a guarantee of the highest quality and reliable partnership, as well as a wide range of services.

Layher Allround Scaffolding

The Layher Allround® proved itself perfectly on the global building market. The unique combination of positive and non-positive connections in a rapid and bolt-free system technology with AutoLock function facilitates connections that are automatically right-angled, obtuse-angled and acute-angled – and ensures built-in safety at the same time. Even the most complex architectural projects with high security requirements The Layher Allround scaffolding system satisfies the most exigent demands. Scenes and tribunes Layher Allround and Layher Event System guarantee the success for city festivals, concerts, sports events and theater! It does not matter in- or out — door event, thanks to the multifunctionality of the systems and special detail, mounted designs are not only beautiful, but also convenient, reliable and safe. The Layher equipment is produced using high-tech, series, out of aluminum and steel, protected against corrosion by hot galvanizing.
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The result of superior engineering: up to eight connections can be made in the structurally ideal Allround Connector, on one level and at various angles. How the system is assembled is self-explanatory. The Layher Allround® system consists of three types of basic functional elements: vertical stand is a steel tube (diameter — 48 mm and thickness — 3 mm), a cross girder and a diagonal brace. The vertical stand is equipped with round flanges located by step is 0.5 m vertically, which are standard couples. The flange allows for 8 fixtures at one point, automatic selection of right angles, automatic blocking elements during installation. Crossbars have welded tapered tips on both sides with grooves and slits. Similar heads are pivotally attached to the vertical diagonals (slopes). Assembling the structure the tips are worn on resistant flanges and secured by wedges firmly fixing elements as a single unit.

The Layher Allaround® system is versatile and widely used on the show business for staging , pavilions and various designs for hanging equipment and decorations. The highest stability and reliability; speed and simplicity of installation , transportation and operation, a wide range of configurations, optimal weight, precise assembly, safety; long service life.

Layher Allround System
Layher Allround System
Layher Allround System

Layher Event System — stages ans tribunes

Layher Event stages and tribunes always provide a safe performance area exactly as required. Standard manufacture and exceptionally fast and reliable delivery are our way to help you cut costs and ensure economic success. However, we also excel in one-off special solutions whenever necessary. Rugged connector technology, ergonomic handling, low-wear aluminium and steel parts, corrosion-proof thanks to hot-dip galvanisation, space-saving storage provides with fast and simple assemble on any venues. All parts are easy to install, have low weight, are set manually with minimal effort. All steel components exposed to hot galvanizing and so those are very resistant to corrosion.
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Using the same system parts in various combinations of the basic components in conjunction with scaffolding Layher Allround, you can build scenes with the options of levels and with steps, choir's platforms or tribunes for spectators with chairs, benches, bucket or folding seats.

Layher Cassette Roof

The metal cassette roof Layher is a steel truss frame with very sturdy and strong steel cassettes. Modular assembly technology such roof system has no analogues in Russia, and It is a leader nowadays. The combination of lifting elements by crane and final installation manually reduces the time and labor significantly.
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A high quality of the fabrication of elements and additional rigidity cassette roofs help to save noticeably the amount of used materials and reduce the total cost of the structure. To do this we need only a few amplifiers for joist girders. Tie rods can be used to create high-strength structures. Finished truss is assembled on the ground and set only for each the second span. The intermediate spans are obtained already during the installation of the roof cassettes.

Layher Keder and KederXL Roof Systems

The Layher Keder Roof System is a lightweight windproof roof, which can be quickly installed without a crane. There are a monopitch or a gable. This structure consists of aluminum beams length of 1.5 and 3.0 m, mounted together with a maximum distance of up to 15m (Keder) and up to 40m (KederXL). Trusses are attached by double and single ties and diagonals with the clamps, as a result you get a quick and easy assembly. PVC awning with sealing plates (keder) is stretched on both sides to the upper tiers of the trusses as a coating and without any effort.
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Layher Protect System

The Protect System cassettes for the Layher Allround scaffolding, as well as for frame SpeedyScaf scaffolding. Advantages of this system: protection from dust, noise and bad weather; quick and easy installation; easy and accurate sequence assembly; weatherproof front cover; insulation using anti-noise cassettes; translucent cassettes provide daylight penetration; easy to clean; no electrical charge.
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System free accessories

Additional elements and accessories play the most important role on the construction and by this reason the Layher company offers a wide range of the products. Economy, reliable and compatible with all Layher Allround scaffolding systems.

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