The StagePro company is the official dealer representing PROLYTE GROUP (Netherlands) products in Russia, one of the world's leading manufacturers of stage equipment.

Rrolyte Structure Trusses

Aluminum trusses PROLYTE STRUCTURES used at exhibitions, theater, on film and video production, as elements of stage designs, for decoration shows. The main innovation has been development of conical couple CCS © with the best aluminum production giving us the ability to withstand heavy loads maintain excellent appearance and strength characteristics for many years.
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Square truss
Triangular truss
Heavy duty truss

The trusses of various sections and sizes (from lightweight exhibition options to heavyweight truss are capable of carrying multi-ton load). Square, triangular, flat, arc trusses. Collapsible truss design provide for any opportunities for placement and hanging of sound, light and projection equipment, branding and decorations.

Prolyte Arc Roof System

The Prolyte Arc Roof system is an excellent solution for the construction of indoor stages in small size and various panels. They have a small volume and weight for transportation, fast and easy montage — demontage, options of platform with dimension 10×8, 8×6 and 6×4 meters and load capacity up to 2400 kg.
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Arched design lying on three supports. The roof is created with the help of corner elements attached on arches, outline Keder is located on the top of the arch structure and it allows you to set the awning quickly. Just changing the arched elements, you can change the size of the whole structure.

The composition of the design: MPT supports, H30V trusses, H30D arched trusses with Keder profile for the roof, 6 special corner elements, steel cables and tensioning system.

Sizes: 10х8 m, 8х6 m, 6х4 m; weight — 600 kg, the transporting volume — 6 cbm, load capacity — 2400 kg, acceptable wind speed — 28 m/s

Prolyte Ground-lift Roof Systems

Nowadays, Prolyte ground-lift roof system is the most demanded complete solutions for the organization of stage space for events of any level. This system provides extensive opportunities to create various scenes, awnings and temporary pavilions for weather protection.
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Prolyte MPT Roof

Prolyte MPT Roof is a system of standard supports with a gable roof and a minimal degree of deformation. This structure has three different size and it is able to build on and to attach the section in nearly 40 different variations.

Composition structure: support system — MPT 4 pcs, H30V trusses, for the roof — truss H30D, H40V trusses, steel ropes and tensioning system.

Sizes: 12×10 m, 10×8 m, 10×6 m, 8×6 m; ; weight — 2200 kg, the transporting volume — 35 cbm, load capacity — 3500 kg, acceptable wind speed — 28,4 m /s

Prolyte ST Roof

Prolyte ST Roof is construction, mostly repeated Prolyte MPT Roof. The same gable roof and straight support beams. Highlights — bigger size, a roof and a stage reach the size of 20×30 meters, and the absence of a variety of add–ons, which is typical for MPT.

Composition structure: support system — ST 6 pcs, S40T trusses, for the roof — trusses, S52SV, steel cables and tensioning system.

Sizes:20×14 m, 18×14 m, 16×14 m; weight — 7500 kg, the transporting volume — 120 cbm, load capacity — 14000 kg, acceptable wind speed — 28,4 m /s

Staging systems Prolyte StageDex and LiteDec

The Prolyte StageDex and LiteDeck are professional staging systems in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing hundreds of stage configurations to be created from a relatively narrow stock of standard components such as car podiums, choral machines, etc.

The staging system Prolyte StageDex is the best one–stop solution to satisfy all demands in the area of show business and event–industry. Prolyte StageDex can be adapted to lead wedding events, business meetings, special events, concerts or dance evenings. A wide range of accessories are offered for Prolyte StageDex Systems.

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Electrical hoists and rigging equipment ProLyft

The range of electrical hoists, made according the safety standards for operating in the entertainment and show business. Rigging equipment (hanging): roundslings, shackels, as well as various types of clamps. In 2014,company StagePro opens the service center of support for all hoist ProLyft owners in St. Petersburg. Buying hoists, subject to daily support in the service center, hoists get a lifetime warranty.

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ProLyft hoist
ProLyft hoist
ProLyft hoist in flight case
Rig with hoists

LiteConsole mobile DJ booth

A comfortable multi-functional designs, easy to assemble and transport, it offers a portable visually attractive solution for a variety of projects (from live musicians performance or DJ sets to corporate events and presentations, exhibitions, conferences, using in trade).

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Prolyte LiteConsole
Prolyte LiteConsole
Prolyte LiteConsole in workflow