Towers and FOH

Through the walls and the roof a control room help to protect expensive equipment from adverse weather conditions. Towers allow placing the audio equipment and LED screens almost anywhere. That is why the tower and the control room are such demanded in the open-air events.

FOH in various configurations

The StagePro company builds the FOH in various configurations, but always taking into account the specifics of events and the wishes of the customer. That’s possible to build constructions from a small room 4 sq.m. to multi-storey buildings with arched roof and a floor area are 48 sq.m.
Two-levels FOH with arched roof and delay towers

Two-levels FOH with arched roof and delay towers

  • Width: 11 m
  • Height of the towers: 10 m
  • Height of the FOH: 7 m
  • Installation: 6 hours
  • Dismantling: 3 hours

Acoustic towers

Layher Allround system allows building acoustic towers in various configurations for hanging acoustic systems and creating an uniform sound field away from the main stage over the entire area of the event.
The Acoustic Tower

The Acoustic Tower

  • Size: 2х2 m
  • Height: 9 m
  • Installation: 1 hour
  • Dismantling: 1 hour

Projection towers

We install towers for placing projectors. Using systems Layher Allround, Layher Event and Prolyte Structures. In the winter we put projectors in monolithic covers its own design, it helps protect the projectors from the frost and snow. With every second case the audio equipment is placed on a projection towers too.
Projection towers

Projection towers with protective covers

  • Size: 4х4 m
  • Height: 10 m
  • Installation: 4 hours
  • Dismantling: 2 hours