The StagePro company builds stages of various sizes and configurations of own Layher and Prolyte equipment, located in warehouses in St. Petersburg. For each client, we design the drawings according to the size of the venue, the specifics of the event, the organizers needs — stages can be layered, with different constructions for hanging of equipment and scenery, taking into account the landscape or hall.

Big stages with Layher Cassette roof

The Layher cassette roof is most popular for the construction of large outdoor covered stage complexes and pavilions. It is a steel truss frame with very strong steel sections. The combination of lifting elements by crane and final installation manually reduces the time and labor. It can be moved across the roof surface during installation and dismantling, and the sunroof allows to transfer building material by a crane. Layher roofs are compatible with any constructions Layher Allround scaffolding.
Big stage with Layher Cassette roof

Big concert stage with Cassette roof, walls for screens and portals

  • Total length: 47,5 m
  • Height: 13 m
  • Stage width: 18 m
  • Stage depth: 12 m
  • Installation: З6 hours
  • Dismantling: 24 hours

Tower based complex Prolyte Roof Systems

Prefabricated covered constructions are always an essential element for the organization of concerts, promotions, festivals and other events. Tower based complex Prolyte Roof Systems are the embodiment of reliability, high quality, comfort and beauty. The versatility of the basic elements allows us to offer a large number of design solutions to suit all tastes.
Prolyte ST Roof
  • Stage width: 20 m
  • Stage depth: 14 m
  • Installation: 10 hours
  • Dismantling: 8 hours

Also Tower based Roof System can be used as a perimeter for the hanging of light and sound equipment.

Prolyte Arc Roof

Prolyte Arc Roof system is an excellent solution for the construction of compact indoor scenes of the small size and variety of panels. They have a small volume and weight for transportation, fast and easy installation and dismantling, options of stage dimensions 10×8, 8×6 and 6×4 meters and load capacity up to 2400 kg.
Prolyte Arc Roof
  • The tower height: 3 m
  • Width: 6 m
  • Depth: 4 m
  • Installation: 2 hours
  • The tower height: 4 m
  • Width: 8 m
  • Depth: 6 m
  • Installation: 3 hours

Rotating stages

Rotary stage is a great decision for concert, car presentation, other equipment and shows. Also possible option is to incorporate circular rotating or not rotating podium in a standard rectangular or square stage. Using of semicircle or segments of circular stage as the circular steps on the stage or podium also possible.
Rotary stage

Lightweight aluminum frame, possibility of changing the diameter.

  • Diameter: 7 m
  • Installation: 2 hours
  • Dismantling: 1 hour