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The organization and technical support of concerts, holydays, exhibitions, presentations and also private and corporate parties on the best St. Petersburg concert venues and stadiums or on the rooms you choose. The Euroshow company has the most modern sound and lighting equipment, as well as laser and projection systems, fireworks and other related equipment. At your request directors prepare you for any entertainment program with the participation of artists of any genre from classical singers to strip show. http://www.euroshow-spb.ru/

Tok Improvisation

TOK Improvisation Sound & Light is one of the biggest rental companies in the North West region of Russia. The company was founded in 1997 to provide professional sound, lighting, video & staging equipment. Our company installs & manages over three hundred events annually: from small presentations to concerts of superstars. The TOK Improvisation Sound & Light company is constantly updating the equipment park. In the arsenal is represented by the sound L'ACOUSTIC, lighting equipment ROBE, Clay Paky, Chroma Q, as well as the newest video equipment. http://www.tokspb.ru/


The SHOWTIME company was founded in 2001 and initially worked as an event agency. Then since 2005 the company changed activities to the technical support of concerts, shows, corporate events, conferences, etc. Nowadays the company can provide professional lighting, sound and video equipment, as well as stage design. http://showtime.spb.ru/


The Decor-Atelier company creates décor for events of any scale in St Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia, carrying out a full cycle of works from the creation of the art concept to its performance. The Decor studio is a production company with the set shop, sewing workshop, warehouses with fabrics and industrial materials and rental equipment also. The staff consists of constantly working designers, artists, engineers, decorators and competent managers, implement turnkey projects. The Decor studio is hundreds of completed projects: city festivals, presentations, exhibitions, corporate and private events. http://www.decor-a.ru/


Organization of safety and security activities of stationary objects in the city and inner suburbs and also of the major significant concerts of Russian and foreign performers at the concert city venues. http://sds-company.ru/


The Solaris is one of the leading companies on the rental of video projection equipment and LED video screens market, specializing in the technical event equipment of any sizes and complexity levels. http://www.solarisvideo.ru/

Orion Art

There are six departments in the Orion Art company: design of festivals and large-scale shows, production of multimedia performances and installations, aerial fireworks, laser show, water fountains and screens, internal and international production. In the company there is a graphic design studio where they create concept models and graphic albums of the show, emulation visualization of the show, video range for different projective systems and screens, storyboards and graphic scores. The designers work with 2D and 3D graphics, they do video-montage and composing. Regional offices of the company operate in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Astrakhan, Yaroslavl and Ufa, foreign - in Germany and Dubai. http://www.orion-art.ru/


SAZONOVSTUDIO is an event-laboratory creating exciting shows and incredible events that you never forget. There are innovative art solutions and concepts as well as sophisticated costumes and decorations. The result of the daily work is the Magic of the show that can be felt by thousands of spectators. http://sazonovstudio.com/

Neva Art

The NevaArt company has been doing the technical equipment events of any scale over ten years. Over the years the company has managed to gain a vast experience on the technical organization of various events and participate in the largest projects. The NevaArt company offers a wide range of rental technical equipment to fully equip any event in St. Petersburg. The team of professionals will help to transform your event into a real holiday, enchanting show with a variety of sound and visual effects. http://www.nevaart.ru/

MF Group

The largest holding company of complex support activities in Russia and Eastern Europe provides a unique range of services. To design a temporary infrastructure facilities, to pass the examination, to provide all the necessary equipment and to build a facility as well as to provide complete production –MF Group experts can do all of this. http://www.mf-group.com/